SOLO A STAR WARS STORYDespite what experts say, the time-honored tradition of going to theaters to watch the latest “it” movies will still be around for a long time to come. Sure, some movies pack up more seats that others, not every movie can bring you back to the cinema again and again. Some movies open with massive ratings during their first weekend because of the hype but are unable to sustain the numbers in the following days because they disappointed the fans. We decided to check out the ratings in Canada. Turns out they are a little bias (well, who isn’t?) and number 2 on this list would tell you why.

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY: Star Wars fans in Canada trooped out in their numbers to show support to the latest Star Wars movie giving it a total domestic earning of $29.3 million. In this sci-fi action adventure, we meet Hans Solo when he was much younger. The eclectic cast and dynamic plot work extremely well together and we cannot blame movie goers for loving it.

DEADPOOL 2DEADPOOL 2: Deadpool 2 did quite well in theaters globally but having a Canadian actor (hello Ryan Reynolds) starring as the quirky and somewhat demented super hero certainly helped in pushing it to the second spot in Canada. His humorous performance and crazy antics might not be what we expect from super heroes but that goes on to show that being different is good. With $23.33 million in box office sales, Deadpool 2 certainly did well.

ADRIFTADRIFT: This is a romantic thriller based on a true-life story. What started out as a trip to Tahiti quickly turned into 41 days spent adrift at sea with little food and little water for survival. The two love birds played by Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin had to rely on wits and instincts to survive. It takes a true fan of this genre of movie to enjoy but be rest assured, Shailene and the cast delivered a sterling performance that grossed at total of $11.51 million in box office sales

AVENGERS INFINITY WARAVENGERS: INFINITY WAR: Given the performance of the Avenger movies globally, it is somewhat heartbreaking to see these numbers ($10.37 million) as their box office earning in Canada. The movie brought everything to play here. You have super heroes from across the galaxy, a super-sized villain with ambitions of gigantic proportions (Thanos plot to take over the universe takes some serious balls) and a battle field set on planet earth. Come on! What’s not to love about this movie?

BOOK CLUBBOOK CLUB: Made of a veteran cast (Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen among others), this movie follows the lives of four women as they transition through various phases in their lives. This transition is brought on by the reading of the infamous Fifty shades of Grey during one of their book club shindigs. The vivacious cast brings the storyline alive with a thrilling performance and the modest $6.8 million box office earnings mean the Canadians loved it.

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